Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TRIing again

After training so hard for my first Triathlon, I felt like it was terribly easy. I purposefully took it nice and easy on the swim. I was so stoked by making it out of the water and that great sense of accomplishment (since I started the journey to Triathlon without knowing how to swim), that I completely cruised on the bike. The run was tough, since that is the leg that  I trained for the least and the high temperatures didn't help. I was so surprised by how easy my first Triathlon was in general, that I immediately knew that I had to "TRI" again.

I want to swim further the next time and really race on my bike. I don't want there to be a chance in hell that a dude on a mountain bike can pass me on my carbon fiber Orbea road bike. I want to be properly trained for the run. Although the run sucks for everyone, I want to at least feel trained. So, those are  my reasons for TRIing again.

 I am TRIing again to be better, to be faster to go longer. I want to feel that it was a greater challenge. I am a Triathlete and will be be able to cross the finish line again in 11 weeks with another sense of achievement. I don't think that The Nation's Triathlon will be my last race. In fact, I know it in my soul that it won't be. I suspect that I will be TRIing for life.