Monday, November 1, 2010

The Perfect Ending to My 1st Triathlon Season

The start of this calendar year was chock-full of things that would make the average person believe that they could never complete a Triathlon. I was recovering from a major surgery and double pneumonia, I did not know how to swim, did not own a bike and could not make it down the stairs and to the corner (due to the pneumonia), and so of course I could not run. I had a goal of making it to the corner, and then to my friend Jolie’s house 3 blocks away, and then to the gym 6 blocks away. I was determined. I joined a Triathlon Club and training program, signed up for a few races and started to research bikes. My life became consumed with all things Triathlon. I had a goal and I was focused. On January 30th, I wrote a blog post entitled “what are the chances?”. This post questioned both my ability and my sanity, but I pressed forward. And on June 19th, I became a Triathlete in a Sprint distance race. I decided to Tri again and completed another race that was twice as long on September 12th, and now me and my buddy Dawn will end our 1st Triathlon season with a birthday weekend getaway for her to Bermuda, where we will race our last race of the season. This race is being put on by an organization named SheROX. How appropriate of a name?

Tri Becca