Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One year later...

It was this time last year that I was like:

Boy, have I come a long way! I still can't get in the medium speed lane at the pool and wish that I could go as fast as those chicks over there, but at least I can swim now. I want to go faster, but I have to remember that I am still "young" at this. Distance is no problem, but speed is a whole different thing! I think that I will start some speed drills tomorrow.

This Triathlon season, I am signed up for 3 races. I am open to doing a late season destination race if my buddy Dawn is down for going to Jamaica or some place cool with me and if I can afford it.

The schedule is:
  • June 19th DC Triathlon (Olympic distance)
  • August 7th New York City Triathlon (Olympic Distance) 
  • August 21st Iron Girl Columbia(Sprint distance)
I plan to train for a 1/2 marathon this year too. I am thinking I will do one in New Orleans in October. We'll see.

I have not been running. I can only run short distances right now due to an ankle injury. Truth be told, I am scared of re-injuring it and that's why I don't go out to run. Everyday  I say that I will go out to run a mile and each day I come up with an excuse to not do it. I will try again tomorrow. I probably should just suck it up and ask one of my friends to join me to help me out. I have not been on my bike since November, so I am sure my legs will curse me when I do get back on it. I think that I will try to go out for a ride on Thursday.

Wish me luck in this 2nd Triathlon season....

Tri Becca

Race Report: SheROX Bermuda

The SheROX Bermuda Triathlon went better than expected, in most ways. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy after completing my very first Ocean swim. It was absolutely beautiful! My only negative feeling while in the water was that I was enjoying it too much and I was probably the only one left out there. There was a pretty awesome picture that was taken of me exiting the water and whipping off my wetsuit that made the newspaper in Bermuda!

The bike was challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the spectators. The was 2 challenging hills. The first one coming out of transition that I planned to walk up. I just didn't plan to walk up it pushing my bike WITH MY WETSUIT STILL ON!! There was a nice guy named Spencer who helped me get out of it once I reached the top of the hill, and brought it back to the transition area for me. The other challenging hill caused me to get off my bike and walk the very last part. I did not want to re-injure my ankle on the bike.

The run was extremely challenging. My ankle just could not take it! I turned around and brought it home to the finish line in extreme pain. The ground immediately comforted me as I took off my shoe and athletic tape to find a rapidly swelling ankle. I had some help with ice and stuff and before long, I was walking again.

Dawn and I didn't know that others from the DC Area would be there with OnPoint Fitness. It was a welcomed surprise to have a team to race with and support. It was an overall fun weekend with some time in the sun to nap and make new friends.

The SheROX Bermuda Tri is definitely one that I would recommend!