Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Adonis, in Greek mythology, is the god of beauty and desire

I will take swim motivation any way that I can get it these days. Yesterday I was motivated to get to the pool, but only because I really don't want to get kicked off the team for not attending at least 2 swim practices per month. I have learned that I prefer to swim when and where I want to swim and not at a specific location on a specific day at a specific time. That drives me nuts and makes me want to rebel. I don't know if I will renew my membership after this quarter because of this. But, who knows, I may change my mind once the weather gets warmer and I start to dream of swimming outdoors at Hains Point with a lane all to myself (a benefit of being on this swim team). I was talking to my Mama on the way to the pool last night and whining about the traffic and the location and time and parking and yada yada.... but my motivation when I got to the pool was worth all that I went through to get there.

As I made my way to the last (read "slowest") lane, I noticed this beauuuuuutiful man in the lane. As I eased my way into the cold water, I slowed down a bit as I watched how beautifully he swam. He stopped at the end of the lane to ask if I was getting in.  He told me to just take the plunge and I would warm up, but I tell ya, it was like music was playing when he spoke to me. Oh MY! So, I eased in, talked to the lane mates about where they were in the workout and got going. I found myself trying to get my hips and feet higher in the water as I swam past him. When we started doing sprints, I found myself swimming faster, as I didn't want him to think that I am a slacker. While my lane mates were waiting for the rest of us to finish the swim set, I found myself trying to make sure my hand entry into the water was perfect and my body rotation was just right. MAN! The motivation!! I swam faster and more efficiently than I probably ever have... or at least I thought I was. As he climbed out of the pool, I found myself just admiring the view and dreaming of our next swim together.

Delusional? Maybe. But I will take my swim motivation any way I can get it these days! I cannot WAIT until Thursday's swim practice. I know he won't be there, as I overheard him saying that he only swims on Tuesdays and Saturdays. However,  I need to work on my form a bit more on Thursday, so I can swim more beautifully when I see him again on Tuesday! The motivation man... the MOTIVATION!

...and for the icing on the cake with a cherry on top? He was wearing a Triathlon swim cap. Could the beautiful man be a Triathlete too? Oh my.... the MOTIVATION!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding a way

I have these little goals that keep me in check, like "Never wear double digit sized clothing again" and "Never wear a size Large again". Whenever I get back to a size 6, I am going to start "MISSION SIZE 6 for LIFE". Just little vain goals to help me to stay on track besides having to be ready for races. I noticed that my size 8's are fitting snug these days, so besides having to be ready to run a 1/2 Marathon in 6 weeks, I have my "never wear double digit sized clothing again" goal motivating me to get moving.

Last night I left the house and discovered a flat tire on my car. The car did not come with a spare tire, so I had to get it towed to the dealership. My plan today was to go for a long run, attend an inauguration training session and a short bike ride with a friend to help her get familiar with her new bike. I decided to run to the dealership  to get my car, then cycle to the training session and to the meeting spot for the ride. However, it seemed that every which way I turned, I was met with obstacles. Nevertheless, I remained committed to finding a way to  accomplish today's fitness goal of getting that long run in.

There is always something that we have to do or something that comes up and it's so easy to just push fitness aside. I am trying to stay committed to living an excuse free life when it comes to my personal health and fitness. I had a late night dealing with 2 different tow truck companies that turned into a 4 hour ordeal, had to help a friend out and didn't wind up going to bed until 2am. Sleep is not something that I sacrifice much, as I get headaches, don't look my best and feel cranky if I don't sleep enough. So, I slept in this morning. I learned that I couldn't pick up the car until 2pm, so that ruined the plans of running there before everything else I had to do. I decided to just cycle to the training and back, hitch a ride to the dealership, reschedule the ride with my friend and run this evening. I went to get ready to cycle to the training session, but remembered that my helmet and bike pump were in my car which was at the dealership. So, I switched the plan to running to the training session and back  (5.69 miles total). Sure, I could have taken the train, canceled or hitched a ride to the training session, but  I made a way to do what I had to do and accomplished my fitness goal. No excuses.

Next Saturday, I will be volunteering with my company for the National Day of Service, attending more Inauguration training and have to run 1 hour 45 minutes. The plan is to run to the volunteer event, run to the training session and take the train/walk home. So, incorporating my training into what I have to do is my way of staying committed. Finding a way is what it is all about. I'm not too busy for me. Besides, I need for these size 8's to fit comfortably again.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The lungs man, the lungs...

So, I have decided to pick up with my love affair of all things Triathlon again. I have had a very nice hiatus and need to get back on schedule. This intermittent training over the last 3 months has caused me to have some visually physical "adverse effects"! I was diagnosed with Bronchitis (AGAIN) about 2 weeks ago and didn't feel well for about 2 weeks before that, so I haven't been a total slacker without an excuse. I got in 20 miles on the trainer on Saturday and ran 5.5 miles on Sunday. Monday was weights and today I went for a run again.... if I can call it that. I guess my lungs are not back to 100%. The plan was to bang out 5 miles, but my lungs were NOT having it.  I felt like someone was giving me a bear hug the entire time. I kept trying to cough to clear my lungs and get more air, took deep breaths, changed my breathing pattern every way I knew how, but nothing was helping. My friend is training for a 1/2 marathon that is in 19 days and needed a 5 mile run today. I am sure that after moving as slow as molasses and me stopping periodically to hack up a lung, she was just done. She suggested that we just stop. I felt bad and wanted to suffer through another 1.3 miles, but we called it quits at 3.7 miles and I could not have been happier. I drove straight to the pharmacy to pick up my inhaler prescription.  I needed the prescription filled STAT! Man, there is nothing like not being able to breathe! I felt bad that my friend didn't get her miles in and I am sure that we were running much slower than her normal pace, but I hope she understands. I feel better already after taking that inhaler tonight. While there is a steroid in it and I try to avoid taking more steroids (I take steroids for a skin/scalp condition and a nasal steroid), I will be taking this sucker daily!

I am running the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in New Orleans in 6 weeks.  I am really stoked about training over the next 6 weeks and getting back to swimming, cycling and weights. The only Triathlon on the schedule so far is the Philly Olympic Distance in June. I am going to try really hard to stick to using my kettle bells regularly over the next 6 weeks. Try...

I hope your year is off to a great start!!

Tri Becca