Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time is running out!

While, I have managed to keep up some level of fitness over the last few months, I have definitely not been training hard consistently for this Triathlon in 3 weeks. The thing that I have not done is train for the distances (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 6 mile run).  

The swim: I have only swam a mile once (1600 meters), 1200 meters once and 1100 meters once since September. I plan to really pick up my distances in the pool over the next 3 weeks and always swim a mile up to 2000 meters 3-5 days a week to get myself ready.

The bike: I have cycled 20 or more miles a few times, but not consistently at all. I rode for 23 1/2 miles today and was WORN OUT! I have to cycle more and get to the point where I am not completely spent afterwards, as I will still have to run 6 miles after the 25 mile ride on race day. I am cycling 33 for Diabetes education and research next weekend and I am no where near ready. I need to be on that dang bike like every other day getting myself ready!

The run: This is the part that is really a joke. I have not been running consistently and definitely not covering the distance. I have a plan in place for this. The plan is to run as much as my I can stand between now and race day. On race day, I will run to a water stop and take a break and  repeat to get through it that way. The water stops are about 1 mile apart. I will focus on running 1-3 miles over the next 3 weeks and just make it do what it do on race day.

This is the first time that I felt this unprepared for a race. I will finish and get another metal once I cross that finish line, but ti won't be pretty and it sure as heck won't be fast.

I feel a big difference in my energy level this year, as I have been trying to monitor my caloric intake more. I had much more energy last year when I ate more.  Getting proper nutrition without gaining weight is a big challenge for me.

I plan to make the New York City Triathlon my A race for the season and really pick up my training. I feel that I will have my ass handed to me after this race in 3 weeks and that will make me train harder to be prepared. I have to get to the point where I am cycling at least 25 miles twice a week and running 5 miles twice a week to be prepared. I am learning who I can really count on to get trainings in and am more comfortable with training alone when I have to. I also want to start incorporating more cross training like boot camp, kickboxing and dancing into my schedule too. I think if I mix it up, it won't get mundane and it will make my Triathlon training easier, as my endurance will be greater.

This week wasn't so bad (run 1 mile on Monday, Swim 700 meters and run 1 1/4 mile on Tuesday, swim 1100 meters and walked {my ankle was achy}2 miles on Wednesday, cycled 23.5 miles on Thursday.

The plan: walk/run 3 miles on Friday, Dance and swim 1600 meters on Saturday (hopefully with Tri Unify), Brick workout on Sunday with Tri Unify, swim 1 mile on Monday (at disgusting gym), 30 mile bike ride (hopefully with Tri Unify) on Tuesday, Run 3 miles and swim 1 mile on Wednesday... and figure it out from there

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What makes a Triathlete

It's not about how fast you go, it's about taking on a challenge and never quitting. There is no turning back.  It takes perseverance, dedication, and endurance. If it was easy, everyone would do it! This is what makes me feel extraordinary, like a super hero... except for when that little old 60 year old lady passes me by and tells me to have quick feet and straighten my back out some when running up a hill, and says, "Let me show you". Then, I see HER as a super hero and aspire to be like her at 60.


PeasantMan (practice) Triathlon

On Sunday, Lisa and I completed the PeasantMan (practice) Triathlon. We did the Sprint race, which didn't feel much like practice to me. It was the real deal Holyfield! The day before, I drove up to participate in the Open Water swim clinic. There was a 500 meter course set up, which I completed with ease. I was quite impressed with myself, but I was a nervous wreck leading up to this day. I did go to the Wilson pool the night before and swam 1200 continuous meters to prove to myself that I could do this. But, it took a lot of good positive self talk before hopping in on Saturday. At no time did I get tired or panic and I finished feeling refreshed with a low heart rate! My mentee Rasheem was a little ambitious for his first time in open water and swam 2 laps for a total of 1,000 meters! I was like a proud mama! He finished all disoriented looking with wobbly legs, but he did it! I got dried off and waited for Lisa to arrive.

There was supposed to be a big bonfire that night, but we had to turn it into a plain ol' cookout. Lisa brought the largest marshmallows that I had ever seen and we made s'mores on the grill. Some people joined in on the fun. We conversed with several new Triathletes and met this really cute couple that are now married after meeting in the 1st grade. We hung out until about 9pm and then headed out of the woods to our hotel that left a lot to be desired. It was only for a night, so Lisa and I tried our best to ignore the blood stains on the bathroom wall, adjust to our doors being on the outside, no concierge to call on if needed and pretended that there was no weird pissy-like smell.

Race day

Lisa and I got up, stumbled around and whined about why in the hell we were doing this. Before long, we were on our way and got all posted up and people watched. The race start was a running beach start which was pretty cool (this means, we all lined up on the beach and when they said "GO!", we all ran into the water and dropped down to start swimming). I kept my cool in the water and made it through the 750 meter swim. The bike ride was adventuresome and made me wonder why I haven't been training more on the bike. The run was fun, although I walked a bit. I just made it fun and talked to other racers and volunteers along the way. All in all, it was a great race and it let me know that I have to really pick up the pace so I can double the distance in 6 weeks.