Thursday, September 29, 2011

How OLD are THEY?!?

So, it's been 18 days since my last Triathlon and I have started my "off season" plan after a 10 day exercise hiatus. My first day out, last Wednesday, I planned on going out for a 5 mile run. MAN! My shins hurt like heck (I wasn't wearing my compression socks), my hip started hurting, my right achilles felt tight and I felt a blister forming. The blister was so bad, that I stopped to take out my orthotic insert. I managed to run the 5 miles, with a few stretch breaks and walked about 3 blocks, but I did it. I went on to take a kickboxing class the next day, rested the next two days and then it was time to knock out the Navy 5 miler last Sunday. On race morning, I realized that the orthotic that I had taken out of my left shoe was actually for my RIGHT shoe, hence the blister and hip pain. Duh! You would think that at my age, I would know my left from right, huh?

The Navy 5 Miler: I ran the entire distance with no breaks, except for water at mile 3! I am so dang proud of myself! My legs did hurt in the beginning, but I kept pushing, There was a steep hill, but I powered up it. They ran out of water at mile 4, but I was almost done. My legs got tired in mile 4, but I stayed positive and talked to Risa to take my mind off of it. And the BEST part? I think that I did it in about 1 hour! Man, that is a huge accomplishment for me! :)

I took a weight lifting class on Monday, but wore some cutsie sneakers without my orthotics or ankle brace and apparently the squats, dead lifts and lunges were too much for my ankle, because I had some serious ankle pain while walking on Tuesday. I rested on Tuesday, took plenty of Advil and iced it up. It's a good thing, because I needed the energy for Wednesday! I took a weight lighting class (with proper shoes, orthotics and brace) at lunchtime and then went on for a 20 mile bike ride that evening. The guy that I rode with, Tedd, wanted to check out the Curtis Trail and boy, oh BOY! I was not ready for the rolling hills on this trail. I thought I was doing something by going 18mph, but Tedd apparently thought that was slow, because he passed me up going 21 mph. Humph! It was just what I needed, if I want to get faster and stronger on the bike.

Today, I went out again to attempt a 5 mile run, but my shins had another plan! I had to walk by the 1/2 mile mark, but I was determined to cover the distance! My goal at this point was to try to maintain a 15mph pace while walking, just in case I have to walk during the Army 10 miler in 10 days. I managed to do so and it hurt, but I completed 5.5 miles today. The only issue was that my left foot hurt! It was hurting in a weird place like my orthotic was rubbing or my shoes were worn in that spot. Once I was done, I came home, changed out of my wet clothes and headed straight to the shoe store. When the lady saw my shoes she asked, " How OLD are THEY?". I felt a little embarrassed that they are almost a year old, but I think they looked so bad, because the mud didn't come all the way out when washing them after The Nations Triathlon. So, I got myself a spanking brand new pair of shoes, a new sports bra and a foam roller and I was on my way. I can't believe that I have a TEN MILE RACE in only 10 days. YIKES!!!

After the Army 10 miler on 10/9, I have the Seagull Century (100 mile bike ride) on 10/15, a half marathon on 10/29 (which I am thinking about skipping for various reasons). After all of that, for the next 3 months it will be all about weight lighting (the goal is 3 times a week), running, cycling (weather permitting), swimming, kickboxing, boot camp and whatever the heck I feel like or maybe just resting. I am looking forward to not having a structured training schedule, but want to focus on weights, cardio and my diet in hopes to shed some pounds. Training for my Ironman 70.3 will officially start on February 1st.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I believe that since I can actually complete a Triathlon that I am a Superhero! Well, apparently I am only a legend in my own mind, because I have been reminded that, it is NOT reality. I took a 10 day hiatus from all things Triathlons... and to be honest, from all things exercise related until today. I have the Navy 5 miler  race in less than a week and needed/wanted to get out for a run. I decided to run to the National Mall and back and very slllooowwwlllly banged out a little more than 5 miles today. Man, my hip started to hurt, I felt a blister forming, my shins hurt in the first mile or 2 and my right Achilles even started to tighten up. What the heck?

So, I decided to go to a Power Yoga class (I should have been warned by the name). Man, this class kicked  my BUTT! I can't for the life of me figure out how I can complete 5 Triathlons in a season and wind up sitting on the floor looking at all of the Yogi's and wondering why I can't do that!

What challenges me only makes me want to get stronger, so I will be a yoga/pilates/kickboxing/etc. fool during this offseason! I want to exercise and not train for a while. There is a distinct difference. I don't want to lose my Triathlon base of fitness, so I will continue to run/bike/swim too. But, Diet/Cardio/weights are going to be my main focus, because I want to actually LOOK like I am doing all of this stuff.

Next up: Ironman 70.3 on June 10, 2012

I will continue the journey and blog my way to my Half Ironman race. Please stand by... off to do the Down Dog!

Tri Becca

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Nations Triathlon

I completed my  eighth Triathlon on September 11th. Ever since then, I haven't even wanted to WRITE the word "Triathlon". Last year, I completed 2 sprint (shorter distances) Triathlons and an Olympic distance (nearly twice as long). This year, I think I got a little excited  too darn excited and filled up my calendar with races. I have completed 2 Sprints and 3 Olympics and I am doggety doggon TIRED! Now, I have the Navy 5 miler, the Army 10 miler and a Century (100 mile bike ride) and a Half Marathon. Just who in the HELL came and took over the rational side of my freaking BRAIN? I tell you what, I am now focused on my diet, running and weight lifting, because I'll be damn if I keep doing all this stuff and not LOOK like I do all of this stuff. Humph.

Pre Race:

I am so burned out with racing that I didn't even prepare. I trained a little bit, but I had no idea of anything race related until the day before. I usually don't drink too close to race day... well, not drink that MUCH too close to race day, but not this time. I awakened on Saturday morning and had to deal with being a little hung over from drinking too much and Karaoke with friends on Friday night. I pulled it together, rode my bike to the host hotel, racked bike, etc., and was ready for whatever race day would bring.

The Swim: Canceled

The swim was cancelled due to a week of heavy rains that brought a lot of debris and other nastiness to the Potomac River. There were actually logs floating in the water along with a camel back and heaven knows what else. I hear that there was a sewage leak into the river too. Yuck!

The pre race music was GREAT! Looks like I was the only one not taking the race seriously, huh?

T1: My fastest YET! I didn't have to deal with being wet and weary from the swim, so I was quite the speedy one! Time: 3:13

Bike: 25 miles

I thought that I was going to NAIL the bike. Well, I had to make sure that my bike was working properly, because even though I thought I was going super fast at times, these folks were BLOWING past me. In my defense, it was very crowded on the course, so at times, I could not be as speedy as I wanted to be and be safe at the same time. My time for a 25 mile bike ride is very consistent. I always finish a little slower than I want to. From here on out, I want to ride with folks that kick my butt on the bike and make me feel like I am chasing them the entire time. I also plan to strengthen my legs  during this off season too. I think going on speed rides, weight lifting and losing some weight will all help me to be faster next year. Time: 1:26 ( I wanted to finish in 1:15. Maybe I will do even better than that next year?)

T2: I actually did better than ever on my T2! Go me! Time: 4:20

Run: 6.2 miles

I can honestly say that I did run to prepare for this race. I did not run enough and definitely didn't ever run fast, but I can say that I did more than I usually do before a race. But, I didn't do many brick (cycle then run) workouts at all. WHY don't I run more? WHY don't I do more brick workouts?? Yeah, that is what I am always asking myself on race day. I had the usual plan to walk/shuffle/skip/run and I actually ran a little more than I did the other stuff, but I was consistently slow as usual. I was very happy to see the large crowd of Tri Unify folks at Mile 1 and then I had a NICE surprise cheerleader between Mile 1 and Mile 2, which made me have an extra pep in my step/run. I sang more than ever on this run. I am sure that I came across as a little obnoxious with all of my songs that I made up and sang out loud, but it helped me. It was very nice to see Lisa's husband about 500 meters before the finish line. I ran across that finish line like I was going to take my place on the podium to receive a trophy. Time: 1:23 (I want to finish in 1 hour or less next year)

I always like to take the time to pose for the supporters!

I was happy to be done with a very long Triathlon season. Like Lisa's daughter says: "You got a medal, so you WON!". In my mind, I win every time I cross a finish line.

Total time: 2:57 (I want to finish an entire Olympic race in 3 hours or less next year)

My smiles are always the biggest after a race!