Sunday, December 1, 2013

One month down...

I am in the building phase of training for Ironman Chattanooga. The actual 16 week Ironman training doesn't start until June. The plan is to focus on running alone in Nov/Dec then add swimming (re-tuning my stroke) in Jan/Feb and start cycling in March. I can do anything that I like to build strength and agility in addition to that between now and March 1st. So, if I am going to do anything to trim down, now is the time. As I prepare to head out for a long run today, I decided to take stock of where I am/how I'm doing. If I had to give myself a grade at this point, it would be a D.

The month of November was a challenge due to mental demons. I think I've discovered the source of the mental demons coming out. It was my plan to take the month of November off to just do whatever I wanted to do fitness wise. I didn't want to be committed to a plan that brings on the mental stress of having to do something. However, my dream of having a coach to get me ready for Ironman Chattanooga came true and his plan was to start base building in November, so I rolled with it. Perhaps I should have pushed back and shared what I needed mentally. Another thing is that I have come to the realization that I am more race focused/motivated and not as committed to fitness as I should be. When I have something on the calendar and the goal is to cross the finish line, I have no problem doing what it takes to get there. However, if there isn't something to get ready for or if I feel like have time to prepare, I am lazy. If I was more committed to fitness, despite what events are on the calendar, I would be in better physical shape. I must change this way of thinking/being.

I have stepped on the scale monthly to check out my weight, muscle mass, body fat and water %, etc. since January 2012, but fell off in September 2013. Consequently, the numbers on the scale are worse than they have ever been since I started this. I have had some events (job change, dealing with my Mother's illness/aging, etc) this year that have really worn me down. I feel like I have gotten a hold on things and feel optimistic about handling everything moving forward. I have identified the true source of the things and behavior that are not serving me and have a plan in place to combat that.

So, one month down and 10 to go until race day (September 28th). I hope to be able to give myself a better grade on January 1. Let's GOOOOOOO!