Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding the Off-Season groove...

I am really having a difficult time figuring out this whole “Off Season” thing. I know that the goal is to not follow a structured training schedule and to take a break from the same old swim/bike/run routine. I know that it is good to train your weaknesses and to get more strength training in. But what I know more than anything else, especially after the last few weeks, is that this is not working. Truth be told, I have not had a set training plan since I trained for my first Triathlon and I have been just "figuring it out" since then. I feel like I would be more successful during the season and during this off season if I had more structure. I called a friend and asked for his help with putting together a training plan for me to start in January for my Ironman 70.3 race in June. And I think that I will be putting together an off-season training plan as well...

This is what I am thinking:
  • I have returned to my old love: KICKBOXING! … and I LOVE it still. It is the ultimate workout. There is a web special: 3 classes for $20. I LOVE a good deal!! I think that I will sign up for 10 classes and attend twice a week for 5 weeks.
  • I also have returned to the pool. Man, after not swimming for 3 months, I felt like I was sucking on a cigarette under water the whole time! It was HARD. I swam 500 meters and had to call it quits. I think that I will sign up for a 4 week swimming workshop that starts in a few weeks. Between now and then, I will try to get in the pool and get my mojo back. The workshop is only 1 day a week and I will try to make it to one practice a week.
  • I miss my bike so much! I have only been on it once since the dreadful Seagull Century and vow to get on it more after going to this bicycle-racing clinic on Sunday. I want to get faster, stronger and more skilled on the bike, and riding is the only way that this will happen. I need to purchase some winter riding gear and will probably ride as long as it is above 32 degrees.
  •  Running: I do like it... after the first mile or two. It takes me a while to warm up. I have only managed to get out for a run about once per week, but I need to increase that to 2-3 times per week. Maybe I will find a running buddy soon that can commit to running with me? I even suck at attending the track work outs that I was so excited about. I think the key is to get up in the morning and run, get it in at lunchtime or try to do it before the sun goes down. Once nightfall hits, it’s out of the question. A good idea is to run to kickboxing class and back. It’s 2 miles away. This way, at least I will run 2 days a week.
  • Weights: I suck here too. Adrienne may be able to lift with me on Monday and Wednesday evenings. I sure hope so, because GOD knows I need to lift but I can’t seem to find the motivation
  • I may be able to get my cardio and weights in if I like this Crossfit class that I am going to try out. If I like it and it’s affordable, maybe I will do this after my kickboxing classes end. The place is also 2 miles from my house, so maybe I can run there and back??
  •  I signed up for this unlimited boot camp for 1 month. It only cost $35. I don't know when it will start, but maybe I will do this instead of Kickboxing and Crossfit and run to where ever the meeting place is??

So, it sounds like I am all over the place and I suck at committing to everything. I am trying to come up with a plan. If I can commit to running to kickboxing classes and back twice a week (...or Crossfit... or Boot camp), sign up for the swim workshop twice a week and lift with Adrienne twice a week, I will be good. Oh, my bike? Perhaps, I will have to dedicate some time on the trainer in front of the TV until I can work that into the plan.... or maybe I will come up with a monthly plan?? Shit, I don't know. I need to just find my groove.... any suggestions/ideas?? I need help.