Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Words are Powerful

I never realized the power of words and how they can move someone to action until I started to blog about my Triathlon experience last year. I now know, more than ever before, how words are powerful and just like they can motivate someone, they can do the exact opposite. See, I am usually pretty optimistic, strong and don’t let too much shake me up. However, even the strongest person can be affected by someone’s negative words.

About a month ago, I wrote about how that trainer told me some things that lead me to feel like he was a douche bag. Some of my friends thought that my description of him was perhaps a bit harsh. But no one knows how that man’s words affected me. I tried to think, “oh, forget him… he couldn’t do a Triathlon if he tried…. I will take some of what he said but will trash the rest”, however I have not been able to shake it. For the last month, when I look in the mirror, I no longer think, “ oh man, I can’t wait to see how much muscle is under this fat” or compliment the good things about myself and acknowledge the bad and then remind myself of my plan. Now when I look in the mirror, I see all of the negative and think very negative thoughts. I have not even been that motivated to train. I have often wondered, “What’s the sense? I’m obese anyway, this training is not helping me, and maybe I should just focus on doing something else like that man said.” See, that is the power of negative words. They are powerful. They can break someone. They can have you thinking negatively and doubting yourself. No one realizes how harsh their words can be to someone, even if what they are saying is true. I try to always turn a negative into a positive and motivate people however I can. I also realize that feelings are not right or wrong, they are individual. So, if I think someone’s comments to me is harsh and I think that they are a non motivating douche bag, then that is just what the hell he is.

I have been struggling to train, to eat healthier, and to keep in mind all of those things that that man said to me. One would think that it is easy to just shake it off, but it’s not always that easy. Words are powerful, man. POWERFUL.

Today I made the decision to get back on track with training. I have a plan in place to decrease my body fat and tone up. I will be a Triathlete again this year. Fuck with that man said. I have a little less than 8 weeks until race day.