Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mind control over Deebo

There is always going to be something: cold weather, hot weather, family issues, busy days at the job, injuries, illness, etc. We can't escape it. We can either use the issue as an excuse or find a way to work towards our goals, despite the current issue(s). Lately, I have been having a difficult time working towards my goals despite the issues. I wish there was a playbook to tell me what's really just an excuse versus what I can push and train through. Sometimes I tell myself to "just listen to your body", but often times, I can't tell if it's my mind or my body giving me the answer.

The weather has made it tough to get outside to run on days when there's ice and below freezing wind chills. Well, I went to Miami to run a 1/2 marathon and the heat and humidity (along with a personal physical challenge) made it hard to run there too. It's true that if we always waited for the perfect conditions, we would rarely do anything, especially train for an Ironman. So, I just have to find a way to push through and work around the challenges that I'm facing and make it happen. My body and mind have to equally get tougher in order for me to overcome and win on this journey to Ironman Chattanooga. Game ON!

Since I last wrote a post, I have started a Spin90 class one day per week, started a Total Immersion Stroke Development class twice per week, tried to remain consistent with running 3 days per week to train for a mid-March marathon and have inconsistently done weights and core work. I may have to drop down to the 1/2 marathon or nix the whole race depending on my surgery schedule and recovery. I'm very glad that I got a head start on building a stronger base and still have plenty of time to prepare for Ironman Chattanooga. This surgery will just be a little bump in the road. I will do my best to work on my mind game and be more consistent once I am all better.

I WILL give every workout my very best! I WILL be more consistent! I WILL be an Ironman!