Sunday, March 18, 2012

My first 1/2 Marathon

On yesterday, I completed my first Half Marathon (13.1 miles). I awakened on race morning feeling rested, hydrated and prepared for whatever the day would bring. I smiled upon rising thinking about the support that I would have throughout the day from friends, near and far. My friend was here to pick me up 15 minutes early and I was on my way. I wanted to get a picture before I started to share on Facebook.
I stuck to my plan to have fun, take in the scenery and pace myself. This was the most FUN race to date! There was a different type of band every mile, plenty of cheerleaders and dance squads out, spectators with funny signs/positive words and awesome costumes to keep me entertained! I looked for Francy, who was supposed to find me on the route and ride her bike as I ran. I also looked for some other people that I knew who were running, but I never saw anyone familiar. My friend who dropped me off, took the metro to the half way point/Dupont Circle to surprise me with some extra cheer. I managed to run all the hills and was more than happy to see Tania at mile 8! She ran the last 5 miles with me and did a great job at keeping my mind off of my legs. We were sure to take in the scenery and stopped to take a picture of this on H Street, NE:
Mile 11 was tough and mile 12 was a BEAST! I kept it moving and eventually brought it across the finish line, where Francy finally caught up with me. I handed Tania the medal, so she could put it on me like she did after my first Triathlon. She totally rocks!

I thought that I could realistically complete this race in 2 hours 45 minutes, but I registered my estimated time as 2:30. I had hoped that I could finish in 2:30, but it wasn't until Travel Diva told me that she thought that I could finish in 2:30, that I believed that I could really do so. After running with Tania last week, I secretly hoped that I could finish in 2:15.  My official finish time was 2:39 and I am very happy with that. Thank you Travel Diva for believing in me and know that, as I ran my last 2 miles, I was really pushing for the goal that you helped me to set. Sometimes, it takes us hearing what others believe about us for us to really believe it ourselves.

I truly have the best support network of friends and it really makes all of the difference to me on race day. Thanks to everyone who tracked me via text, came out to support me and those who sent positive thoughts and vibes my way. I am a better athlete because of you.


  1. WTG Becca!!!! Awesome Congratulations!!!!

  2. You did such an amazing job! You kicked the crap out of those hills and crossed that finish line strong and with a smile on your face!!